The 7th

Asia-Pacific Conference on Synthetic Aperture Radar (APSAR 2021)


APSAR 2021


All authors must accomplish online registration and payment by 1 September 2021. To the foreign authors who cannot conduct payment online, on-site payment after register online is supported. Other attendees can register and pay the fees online or on-site. The conference registration fee is as below for In-Person Presentation and Virtual Presentation. At least one author per paper must register. One regular registration can cover at most one paper. Papers not linked to a registration will be withdrawn from the program and the proceedings. An existing registration record cannot be transferred to any other person. The registration fee below includes the lunch and banquet, except the student member and virtual participant *).

===== In-Person Presentation =====
Early Bird Registration (before 31 August 2021) 
International Participants :
IEEE Member: 400 USD
IEEE Student Member: 225 USD *)
Non-IEEE Member: 425 USD
Non-IEEE Student Member: 250 USD *)

Domestic (Indonesian Institution Affiliated) Participants :
IEEE/MAPIN Member: 225 US
IEEE Student Member: 100 USD *)
Non-IEEE/MAPIN Member: 280 USD
Local Student Member: 160 USD *)

Late Registration 
International Participants :
IEEE Member: 425 USD
IEEE Student Member: 250 USD *)
Non-IEEE Member: 450 USD
Non-IEEE Student Member: 275 USD *)

Domestic (Indonesian Institution Affiliated) Participants :
IEEE/MAPIN Member: 240 US
IEEE Student Member: 125 USD *)

===== Virtual Presentation *) =====
International Participants :
IEEE Member : 200 USD
IEEE Student Member: 125 USD
Non-IEEE Member: 230 USD
Non-IEEE Student Member: 150 USD
Participant without paper: 50 USD

Local (Indonesian Institution) Participants :
IEEE/MAPIN Member: 150 USD
IEEE Student Member: 90 USD
Non-IEEE/MAPIN Member: 180 USD
Local Student Member: 100 USD
Participant without paper: 30 USD

*) Lunch and banquet are not included.

Note: Indonesian Society for Remote Sensing (MAPIN)

If you have any questions about registration, please contact:

Registration Payment Link : (A payment link will be updated soon)