Plenary Talk 3

Prof. Jianyu Yang

The Investigation and First Verification of Bistatic Forward-Looking SAR-GMTI

Bistatic synthetic aperture radar (SAR) is receiving considerable attention currently because of its forward-looking imaging capability and configuration flexibility. With the increasing requirements, the SAR community is presently researching the detection, imaging, and identification of ground/maritime moving targets since target information is important for surveillance systems. Hence, bistatic forward-looking SAR-GMTI is an important technology to realize the simultaneous imaging of background scene and moving target in the forward-looking area of the carrier. The speech will introduce the problems and principle of bistatic forward-looking SAR-GMTI. Then, the key technologies for realizing bistatic forward-looking SAR-GMTI, such as bistatic forward-looking SAR imaging, nonstationary clutter suppression, and moving target detection, are pointed out. Besides, the technique of flight experiment will be introduced, which is the first verification of airborne bistatic forward-looking SAR-GMTI all over the world.